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Monday, July 16

Arizona 2012 Applications

The Arizona Department of Housing has a deadline for the 2012 QAP of March 1st. GAR Associates is in the process of preparing a handful of studies for the development community, in the greater Phoenix Area. We have reviewed and analyzed the QAP in detail, including the market analysis components – exhibit L. Attached are links to the current 2012 QAP and Exhibit L. We met with representation of ADOH in order to review any prospective issues pertaining to market and identify the areas of concern pertaining to the applications. We also attended the Governor’s housing conference in September and the tax credit training session for the 2012 application process in early January. We have accumulated a sound database for a variety of markets throughout Arizona, and can effectively and efficiently prepare market analysis for a wide variety of property types. If you are in need of a market analysis/market study work pertaining to housing projects in Arizona please contact Scott Allen at 716-691-7100, ext. 3019 or