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Monday, July 16

All Properties in City of Troy to be Reassessed


"In an effort to assign the correct value to properties throughout Troy, the city has adopted a resolution that will revalue all of its properties during the next 18 months.

Troy has tapped GAR Associates, Inc. as the city’s contractor, which will work hand in hand with city assessor Tina Dimitriadis to create fair and equitable property assessments at full market value.

Phase one of the project will begin this month, when inventory surveys are mailed to all residential and commercial property owners.

In September, and continuing over the next 18 months, representatives from GAR will inspect all properties within city limits. Exterior inspections will be performed, and interior inspections will be attempted, with permission from the property owner. Crews may use laser measuring devices and digital cameras to collect data, including taking exterior photos of the property.

GAR staff members will be in constant contact with the city regarding the inspection schedule, and all will have identification on them during field inspections. The assessment office and local police agencies will have a vehicle list of all staff members.

To keep property owners informed throughout the project, GAR will host a series of workshops for property owners, the first of which will take place from August 21 through August 26. Reservations are required, and seating is limited, though additional classes may be added if demand is high enough.

To register, call 1-866-910-1776, or visit"


The Record
August 2010