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Monday, July 16
GAR Associates Converted Sale Database On-Line

GAR Associates has converted our sales database so that it is now accessible online to various users. The sales database includes all information used in our day-to-day practice for commercial valuation.  Information from our own internal system is moved to the Internet on a daily basis, and on-line access for interested parties can be made available.

 Some of the key components of our sales database include:

A significant number of confirmed and verified sales throughout Upstate New York, especially within the Western New York region.

  • Sales database with over 47,000 records.
  • Photographs for the majority of transfers occurring within WNY.
  • Internal research staff downloads commercial listings on a consistent basis from MLS, LoopNet, internal data, and individual realtor information.

We can explore providing access to our database for various functions. We have summary and detailed reports available.

For additional information on the access to the commercial database, please contact:

David M. Carlon
(716) 691-7100 Ext. 3031

Economic Climate Warrants Market Analysis

The current economic conditions and climate impacting the nation has begun to influence financing efforts and viability of commercial real estate in upstate New York.  We have found over the last six months that many clients are requesting market analysis services, and highest and best use studies for parcels prior to advancing to a financing decision. We highly recommend that this be undertaken, and GAR’s team of experienced appraisers and market analysts can provide a wide variety of services. Scott Allen and Brian Smith concentrate on market analysis applicable to housing projects, Franz Ross provides business valuation services and analysis for unique business related real estate such as hotels and assisted living developments, and Ronald Rubino is adept at analyzing and evaluating prospects for a wide variety of general commercial properties.


In today’s sensitive economic times, we highly recommend that an analysis be undertaken before aggressive decisions are made pertaining to commercial real estate development. Please contact Scott Allen at (716) 691-7100 Ext. 3019 or or Ronald Rubino at (716) 691-7100 Ext. 3027 or for information pertaining to our various services.

Commercial Department Begins Business Valuation

Due to the growing demand and a business plan based upon having a complete menu of valuation services, GAR Associates has begun offering business valuation services to new and existing customers.

In WNY, until now, an attorney settling an estate involving a business generally had to engage two firms to perform the necessary valuation work.  Now attorneys (and business owners) can get both appraisals completed by dealing with a firm that concentrates all of its resources in the valuation field.


As an offset to this work effort, which involves such property types as hotels and nursing homes, we have initiated a business valuation component.

Some of the reasons that business valuations are needed include:

  • FASB 141 and FASB 142 valuations of assets purchased in business acquisitions
  • Estate planning for orderly transfer of a family business, including tax planning, estate settlement and divorce settlement
  • Strategic planning geared to maximizing the future value of the business
  • Determination of a buyout value of a shareholder, where there are several shareholders in an illiquid stock

Franz H. Ross joined GAR Associates, Inc. in April 2002, and has been developing this segment of our business.  It is felt that this is a natural overflow from our commercial valuation work, and Franz has completed the requirements of the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA).

For additional documentation, please contact Franz H. Ross at (716) 691-7100 Ext. 3040 or