Tuesday, June 19

New York State Application Deadlines Announced


The New York State HCR has announced the 2012 funding application deadlines for the competitive 9% tax credit funding round. They have set two fall deadlines; the first for shovel-ready sites, and the second a typical funding round. The dates for completion of the applications are Thursday, October 25 and Thursday, November 29, respectively. We are awaiting updates to the QAP, but the following link demonstrates current application materials availble.


GAR Associates has already taken on numerous assignments related to the fall funding round, but we still have availability. If you are contemplating an application, please contact Sue Goungo (716-691-7100, ext. 3073 or sgoungo@garappraisal.com) or Scott Allen (716-691-7100, ext. 3019 or sallen@garappraisal.com) as soon as possible.