Monday, July 16

Multi-Family Services


In addition to the market analysis services it should be recognized that GAR Associates prepares numerous work efforts in conjunction with multi-family industry. Product types include:

  • Preliminary market studies.
  • Feasibility and highest and best use case studies in perspective housing development and/or reuse projects.
  • Real estate appraisals in conjunction with multi-family developments for market rate housing, low-income housing tax credits, and/or rehabilitation projects.
  • We are adept in analyzing tangible as well as intangible value components such as low-income housing tax credits, historical tax credits, and other funding sources.

 Our client base is numerous and significant and includes financial institutions, tax credit syndicators, and HUD lenders under the MAP program.

Appraisal Services

We prepare real estate appraisals in conjunction with a wide variety of financing needs including:


  • Real estate appraisals for proposed affordable housing projects; for bank financing purposes.
  • HUD MAP real estate appraisals. We prepare all forms of work effort in conjunction with the MAP program including analysis of highly complicated projects involving affordable developments and sub-rehabilitation.
  • Our real estate appraisals encompass typical comprehensive reports that include an inherent market analysis component that exceeds industry standards and expectations.