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Celebrating 60 years of Appraisal & Analysis Success

We are leaders in assessment support services, mass valuation and reassessment project support, working with municipalities for over 50 years

GAR Associates LLC has been working with municipalities for over 50 years. We understand your business, the pressures you face, and your problems. That’s why we have developed a full range of integrated services tailored especially for local governments. Solutions we know will work for you:

  • Reassessment Support (Revaluation)

  • Annual Reassessment

  • Sustaining Equity Program

  • Public Relations and Education Programs

  • Tax Certiorari Support Services (Court Testimony)

  • Project Management and Project Design

  • Needs Analysis Audit

  • Ongoing Assistance with Office/Field Assessment Functions

Our Specialties

  • Property Valuation

    Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Vacant Land, Mass Property

  • Annual Reassessment Support

  • Building Permit Maintenance

  • Court Testimony

  • Market Research and Analysis

  • Need Analysis

  • Public Education and Awareness Programs

  • Sale Verification

  • Website Design

Why our clients choose GAR Associates

“We have had the pleasure of a long and valued relationship with GAR Associates. They have provided the city of Buffalo with a breadth of services from total reassessment projects, specialized collection and valuation services to expert valuation work for litigation. The services provided by GAR have always been well organized, professional and timely.”  
Brian Sullivan
Deputy Commissioner of Assessment & Taxation 
City of Buffalo, Erie County, NYS

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