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Student Housing

Student housing is one of the most challenging property types in today’s marketplace. There is simply NO substitute for experience in reviewing projects, market feasibility and the conditions that make up the critical factors for success. Serious decisions command serious answers.

GAR Associates brings the product experience and analytical expertise to supply the answers needed to make the right decisions at the right time. We look at the market with the kind of depth and analytical skills that provide accurate, timely views. GAR looks at the student housing market from a 360-degree ground up position and supports both qualitative and quantitative views. We look at individual markets and projects with a complete review of the direct marketplace as well as near and shadow markets which can be influential in overall analysis for certain markets.

What we do

  • Perform Gap Studies and Campus Impact Analysis for Colleges
  • Perform Operational and Investor Studies for Banks, Investors and Equity Partners
  • Operate RFP and Partner Selection Processes for Colleges
  • Perform Bankable Comprehensive Market and Feasibility Studies
    Whether you are a developer looking for the right answers, a bank or investor finding the underwriting answers and project for the success they demand or a college looking for an advocate who can understand the right answers and approach to benefit their campuses. GAR is the experienced and right choice at the right value.

Why GAR Associates?

  • Experience, Experience, Experience
  • Multiple State and Campus Involvement
  • Engagements are Value Priced and Custom Designed
  • Ability to Perform for Colleges, Investors and Developers Needs
  • GAR Reputation for Complete and Comprehensive Analysis

For more information related to this type of work product, contact Scott Allen at 716-691-7100, ext. 3019 or sallen@garappraisal.com.

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