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These stone homes are real rock stars

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For stone house enthusiasts, bolder is better.

The traditional building technique — which started thousands of years ago when humans began utilizing the sturdy, abundant natural material around them — has remained popular in America throughout the centuries.

And for good reason: The structures are surprisingly good conductors and retainers of air, keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer, says Compass broker Robin Kencel, who reps the for-sale stone house 23 Khakum Wood Road in Greenwich, Conn. The only downside? “If you want to expand an older stone house, you have to be a little more fastidious and find the original quarries or take time matching the stone,” Kencel adds. But it can be done.

Here are eight stone houses — both old and new, and all within commuting distance of the city — for sale in the region.

Read more in the New York Post.

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